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Session Tips

To help you prepare for your session, here are a few tips to help you think about things beforehand. (Newborns skip to the bottom).

  • Dress for comfort
    First and foremost, it's important that you be comfortable in the clothes you're wearing; stay true to yourself. To get creative, wear layers to add texture. Adding pieces such as chunky sweaters, clothing with ruffles, buttons, ribbon, such will help give your photos dimension. And ACCESSORIZE!! This is the ideal time to bring out those funky boots, yellow heels, lace tights, jewelry, blazer, hats, scarves, mittens etc. However, please try and avoid logos or cartoon characters on your clothing as it distracts from the true subject of the photo... YOU.
  • Color carefully
    For family ideas check out this Pinterest board that I've put together to give you some inspiration on how to look put together without being matchy-matchy. Also, think about where the photos will be displayed in your home: choose clothing colors that compliment your walls and décor so when your favorite image is hung on a canvas it will fit right in.
  • Personal location
    In Whatcom County we have such a wide variety of options to choose from! First question: do you consider yourselves more "urban" people (think surroundings like brick, back alleys, and city textures) or "rural" people (think open fields, water, trees)? Alternatively, if you have any places nearby that are particularly special to you, those are great places to suggest doing your session.
  • Avoid meltdown city
    If you have small children, schedule your session around their naptimes!! Cranky kiddos are the last thing that you want on your session day. Bring snacks, favorite toys, and special treats for bribes - today is the day to bring out all the stops!
  • Stay Natural
    When it comes to makeup and hair, be yourself. Family photos are casual and natural. A couple of tricks: loose powder helps to bring the shine down on oily skin. To keep your makeup fresh for awhile, spray your face with a light dusting of hairspray when you're finished. For blemishes and scars: don't feel like you need to cancel your session because a zit popped up last night! I can take care of that for you in the editing process. If you have a scar or something else that you'd like removed, let me know and we can determine if it's something I can do as part of your session or if there will need to be an additional editing cost to take it out.
  • Little Details
    I love details like hands & feet, and tend to have a few photos each session focused on those kids of details . I'm not saying you need to get a mani/pedi beforehand (although heck, what a good excuse!), but just be aware that you might want them looking niceish. :)
  • Newborns
    These sessions are a bit longer than most (2-4 hours), because we go super slow and allow for everything baby needs to stay happy & comfortable - extra nursing, diaper changes, rocking to sleep. Before your session, turn the heat up in your house (or just your bedroom, where we do most of the shooting) so that baby can be comfortable naked. You'll probably want to wear summer clothes at that point, regardless of the time of year! Relax and be ready for lots of down time while we work at baby's pace. For the lifestyle part of the session, we spend most of the time in your bedroom, on the couch in the living room, or in the nursery; so if those rooms are ready for photos that will make the session easier. Feel free to bring out anything you'd like to have in the photos with your baby; a blanket that grandma made them, a favorite headband, their first teddy bear, etc. Anything with their name on it as well.
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